Kathleen Sienna Kelly
Creative Project Manager
Lead Artist | UI | UED
Business Strategy | Rebrand
I collaborated with Tim Conway, Virtical's Founder, CCO and CTO
along with Lawrence Kiey, CEO to launch two VR products in 2023.

The VR Restaurant released May 2023 featured a Front of House experience. 
From creative brainstorming to concept, asset creation for integration into Unity, and verification of builds Creo was a very exciting project to collaborate on with Tim Conway, Virtical | Founder and CCO. 
Within a condensed production cycle, my photography of an actual restaurant was utilized along with our collective recording of measurements to equip the team to advance to the 3D modeling phase. 
I took initiative to research the selected guest surnames with a passion for representing a globally diverse community for our VR Users to engage. From licensed 3D avatars, I concepted guest stories which inspired relevant and timely updates to instructional design, UI, UED, and Tim's wireframes for engineering. This work established unique identities for guests based on their expressed needs and highlights the profound value of immersive VR to empower Users to practice, engage, and create positive guest experiences in a virtual restaurant. 
With a two-word description (modern classy), I prototyped a restaurant logo. My process started by importing captures from the VR restaurant into photoshop to isolate hex color codes for color accuracy. My intention was to design a brand that would give the restaurant an identity. The logo would add a professional aspect to the touch screen display integral to the User throughout and unify the display with the overall look and feel of the restaurant interior. 
We utilized an Agile development model to streamline design creative, engage engineering, and install builds to test on Quest 2 headsets. It was quite an achievement for a brand-new client launching their first ever VR product. 
VR Restaurant © 2023 Virtical     www.bevirtical.com    All rights reserved, worldwide.
I collaborated with Lawrence Kiey, Virtical's Partner | CEO
on developing the business content and marketing message for their new website. 
This photograph (left) is my work.
It is a Behind the Scenes (BTS) capture of an actual User (foreground)
and Tim Conway experiencing the VR Coffeeshop
via Quest 2 headsets in our Virtical studio.
I took the initiative to design this PBS graphical treatment
including a link to direct guests to an upcoming broadcast.
My portrait photography and video capture are featured on beVirtical.
Check out: Tim Conway sharing the vision of Virtical (April 2023.)
Photography and Video Capture 
 © 2023 Kathleen Sienna Kelly

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