CircuitBot is a complex security game. I was hired mid-phase in it's development with the responsibility to capture advanced game play content for the Marketing Director.  
In addition to directly reporting to the Marketing Director for all games, I was a Capture Art Lead and produced original game art assets, UI, and product branding.

Dynamakr, a crowd-sourced game based on higher level mathematics, was in Beta when I captured dynamic game compositions for use in marketing and promotion. 
The Dynamakr Game Tutorial was in the earliest stage when the CEO assigned it to me. The product knowledge I had gained through playing the game equipped me to rewrite the script and plan relevant scenarios to best illustrate key points for new and advanced players. The tutorial I created was released with during the product launch.
UI Design | Style Guides | Licensed Content
As Digital Artist and Creative Technologist, I collaborated with Engineers in Unity to develop game apps including Mattel Fun with Barbie, Monster High and After High. The app was strategically designed to share global components including User Interface and splash screens. Our team was under pressure with a substantial unknown. Resolving the unknown began with me. I was assigned to receive, organize, verify, evaluate, propose and troubleshoot a huge deliverable of Mattel licensed character art assets. Once I accomplished this work,      I was able to meet with the engineers and we came up with a plan and confidently went about implementing it to  deliver the product we pitched! Late in the game, I was given the responsibility to retrofit the UI for the coloring book. Also, picked up some engineering tips on batch processing the thousands of fillable vector shapes for integration into Unity for the color book. I also tested the game on multiple devices including each fill for three coloring books in time  for launch. 
Product Branding | Product Logo Development
UI Design | UED | Game Art | Capture Art
Cosmic Cubs needed a new game based on their published children's book characters.  I had the responsibility of leading creative, brainstorming meetings, naming the product, and producing the logo, game art and UI in collaboration with Andy Keplinger, LBG Principle | Engineer. Rockitect equipped young architects as avatars to customize their very own rocket interior through design, paint, and rotation of objects and stickers. I played the game and produced capture art utilized in marketing and promotion. 

 UX | Levels | Badges
Left Brain Games was in the middle of a 3-year project when I onboarded. It didn't have a title but the product objective was to develop a complex crowd-source game based on higher level mathematics. I was responsible for creating game art, developing the product logo, and writing story content for the tutorial. Before creating the game badges earned by players for achieving milestones in the game, I began playing the game from a UX perspective. Then engaged the engineering team to see if my experiences were intentional to the UED. 
We  discovered there was room for improvements in the game specifically related to badges that could be implemented directly, without changing the overall game design, or impacting the budget, which made playing the game much more meaningful to the player.
Playing this game with a deep knowledge of the Elements and Principles of Design gave me a strategic advantage as a capture artist in designing the How To Play The Game infographic (top of page).
Creative Technologist | Beta Test
PBS Dinosaur Train Air Show was in Beta when I began testing it on multiple devices iOs, Android, etc. I was responsible for testing, reporting bugs, sourcing vendor art assets to fix bugs and track art assets into deliverables. My Capture Art was utilized to meet timely online marketing deliverables - including this graphic also used for our corporate site. 
Corporate Rebrand | Graphic Design | Marketing | Collateral

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