Kathleen Sienna Kelly is a highly accomplished Creative Project Manager and Contractor well-known for her exceptional work in the fields of business strategy, design, technology, art, installation, and exhibits. Her extensive background includes having owned ten art studios, a private art school (The Developing Artist Institute, Manchester, CT) and work with 20 studios specializing in advertising, promotion, ceramics, fashion design, web design, games, and virtual reality - XR. 

Kathleen is a large-scale visionary who is diligent in the details - a combination that keeps clients, peers, and audiences returning for more. She is respected as a Senior Consultant to professional colleagues in corporations and higher education and continues to learn new technologies as full complement to her deep knowledge of creative, engineering, and QA pipelines. Kelly has a quick wit and sense of humor which compliment the solution-focused approaches she utilizes to deliver complex XR, games and immersive products.

Originally from Connecticut, Kathleen now resides in Sarasota, Florida, along with Virtical, a local studio where she worked as Creative Project Manager. She takes on ambitious and often ambiguous projects and continues to refine her craft, constantly seeking new ways to innovate and push the boundaries and make a positive difference in the world.

Kelly is multifaceted as a Fine Artist. She has earned a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Studio Art and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Illustration. Her award-winning work has exhibited around the USA in commercial galleries, university galleries, and traveling exhibits. Gen Z and Millennials from the East and West Coast study with Kelly and submit their work for critique she arranges private sessions to develop their expertise across digital and traditional painting, drawing, composition, jewelry design, portfolio development, ceramics, human anatomy, concept art, and character development and social media marketing.

Kelly believes in the importance of making things visible, knowable, accessible, and enjoyable through her work. She inspires others and maintains a healthy following on LinkedIn in addition to three professional websites including a boutique featuring her original paintings, products, and services. She also maintains a professional presence on Instagram and Meta.
Kelly is scheduled to publish a new book in 2026! Check out her new publishing company for news and updates about the book release: www.waterlightbooks.com
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Kathleen Kelly at Virtical Studio (Sarasota FL) 2023 © photo by Tim Conway, Virtical Owner | Chief Creative Officer

Kathleen Kelly with MFA Colleagues (Bloomfield, CT)

Kathleen Kelly in her art studio. (Easton, CT)

 Photo by newspaper reporter announcing a book signing at Easton Public Library.

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