One of my passions is developing artists to their fullest
creative and technical potential. This work was created
by Gen Z & Millennial students over the past 18-months.

From Anatomy to Character Development
Introduction of Directional Lighting 
when handled Consistently creates the Illusion 
of fabric and Texture in harmony with the figure
Introduction to value Scale
Each Student has 2-3 Values they Cannot PERCEIVE
Tuning the eye to See the Full Range of Value
Building Up Values to Create the Illusion of depth
Painting the Head and Chest
Transition from achromatic painting to
color with values intact
Introduce Use of Color Study Method
to increase speed and Proficiency
"The most expedient and productive online teaching method
begins with a student choosing a point of reference —
it's earth-shattering and world-building." 
 — KSK
* All copyrights for source materials and reference photography rests with the original copyright owner. Students select their point of reference for the purpose of deconstruction toward understanding art, methods, processes, technology and excellence. 
Approximately 50% of student work displayed is original. © All rights reserved to the respective artists and photographers.

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